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The Harvesters will be published in paperback in Autumn 2015, and possibly published in serial form in digital instalments from September 2015 - more news coming soon...
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Incorporating characters and strands from the previous two Xavier Lombard novels, The Harvesters is to be the last and, fittingly, most dramatic book of the series, for while engaged in his peregrinations through the present - which at the outset finds him languishing in the heart of London with scarcely a distraction to mark time - a fraught, grim, and not always in control Lombard finds himself, owing to adverse events seemingly sent by providence, revisiting his life; dark agitation ensues, but can it amount to anything more than an absurd exercise for he who long ago tendered his soul to nature and its laws? And will it help or hinder his quest to unravel what befell the Aratoon family and the puppy-snatcher turned murderer called Alan Winston?
Title: The Harvesters
Author: Eric Leclere
Due Publication Year: 2015
Format: Paperback / Digital
Cover Artwork by Doggo
ISBN: to come soon
"A malicious spirit must haunt the living. I ask you, what path ought a rational mother or father to take when faced with one of these two choices: entrust their baby to a stranger marked out for having shot his enemy's children; or hand baby over to one known for using their own children as sacrificial shields? Which murderer would you rather be, huh?"

By and by, in regard to some quarrels and through the agencies of newspapers, broadcasters, artists, politicians and other assorted leaders, swathes of Londoners have come to champion people who sacrifice their children over those who set no limit to protecting their own. Hardly an extraordinary state of affairs given the nature peculiar to humanity, some may say. But John Bowdion deplores these things as moral turpitude, is a restless storm for it, for he knows neither merciful prophet nor religion nor any like soothing provision which to the seeker and the high-spirited is akin to a birdless land stretching for thousands of miles in every directions.

"You want to get out of that wretched place you're in fast, Mr. Bowdion," Lombard merely offered; his concern lay elsewhere, with dead and disappeared ones, and dwelling alone.
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