The Lost Son
Of Gardens & Lilies
The Harvesters
"... Make no mistake: this is an unparalleled post-apocryphal literary feat!"
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"... So darkly furry ... A veritable tour de farce ... Nothing - be it illiteracy, unfamiliarity with English, being dead or lost without your cellphone - should keep you from reading this wonderful book; even if you can't afford it!"
" ... Give Eric a bone ..."
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"... some kind of beast with a V in it ... On account of words like venom and vacant and virus and Vladimir, you know?"
A Place of Gardens and Lilies
The Xavier Lombard Series
Book Two
Author: Eric Leclere
Published Year: 2005
Format: Paperback / 218 Pages
Cover Artwork by Doggo
ISBN: 0953556212
RRP: 6.99
Or then again:

This is a highly unorthodox detective novel, the detective being Xavier Lombard, hero of Leclere's earlier 'The Lost Son'. Like that book, this is a deeply serious and passionate book, following an uneducated and yet seductive character (the subject of Lombard's investigation), written in blunt vernacular and yet concerned with big moral questions. It is also a literary novel that will still appeal to readers of crime. While The Lost Son adhered more strictly to the 'genre', this breaks from it and veers into the territory mapped out by Camus. But while Camus' prose is minimalistic and deadpan, the language here is electric and full of the music of London in the early 21st century. It's the sometimes joyful song of a desperate man on his last legs in London's hot and dirty streets. Fantastic.
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